The Jackson County School Board has by resolution acknowledged May as Freedom Month each year in Jackson County schools.

The request was brought by Byron Dickens, who had earlier this year also successfully sought a resolution from the Jackson County Commission proclaiming May 20 as Emancipation Day annually in the county.

Dickens, in a press release about the school board’s decision, said he was pleased by the unanimous approval of the resolution. He described his proposal as an effort to have May “dedicated to enriching, expanding, and observing the national and state holidays of Armed Forces Day, Emancipation Day and Memorial Day.”

The text of the resolution is as follows:

“Freedom month in Jackson County schools will allow a full range of options to exist for observance. Whereas Jackson County School Board strives to enrich the educational curriculum for all students; whereas Jackson County School Board supports the local observance of Armed Forces Day, Emancipation Day, and Memorial Day; Be it resolved the Jackson County School Board recognizes the month of May as Freedom Month in Jackson County schools and will encourage schools to use ingenuity and creativity in observing these important times in the history of our county, state and country.”

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