His platform involves fighting and working for:

A better infrastructure so that every citizen can receive the equitable benefits of paved roads.

  • I first want to establish the climate of the County’s current budget.
  • Move to incorporate new innovative ideas that would increase the current budget without increasing taxes
  • Making well planned, consistent, and determined strategic efforts for federal and state grant acquisition

A more modern, working and tangible economic development plan.

  • Executing an attractive plan and actively market successful up and coming small businesses around the country
  • Utilize our most valuable resources to develop an extensive comprehensive plan and create programs to assist Jackson County future and present small businesses.
  • Work to better assist our farming and agriculture industry. Help revolutionize new farmers and take advantage of new opportunities.

Establishing an in-depth mental health advocacy plan/program for Hurricane Michael victims and victims of substance abuse.

  • Working with various non-profit and local government organizations to help develop aid and services for our citizens.
  • Extensively move to get state and federal funding to support these efforts

Coordinating extensive research focused on addressing the unspoken numbers in opioid prescriptions in Jackson County.

  • According to the DEA database from 2006-2012 approximately 12,335,830 prescription pain pills, enough for 35 pills per person per year were supplied to Jackson County Florida.
  • Efforts must be made to work with the County Health Department and the State’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse to study these numbers and the costs of possible opioid abuse as well as developing preventative and precautionary measures for our citizens.

More accessibility.

  • Modernizing BOCC meetings and activities
  • Utilizing modern technology and our valuable resources to provide the citizens’ better access of getting informed about the decisions being made regarding their community.

Protecting our Senior citizens.

  • Work with our health department to develop programs that will help assist and inform our community on the issues regarding seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Work to contract a modern transportation service for seniors in need of travel assistance to doctor appointments and out-patient surgery’s outside of Jackson County.


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