Byron Dickens is a true veteran and a man of the people.  His experience spans wide.

  • Served in the United States Marine Corp Reserves as a M1A1 Tank crewman for 7 years to the rank of Corporal.
  • Deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to the Horn of Africa providing Provisional Security for an entire base. Experienced in Entry Control Points, Vehicle Security Points, Quick Reaction Force, Mounted and Dismounted Patrolling among many others.
  • Served 10 years in the United States Army Reserves as an Air Traffic Controller and Platoon Sergeant.
  • Deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom providing Air Traffic Services and Operations.
  • Advanced from Facility Chief to the Senior Staff leading all aspect of his subordinates’ work and careers. Held a multitude of additional duties ranging from Antiterrorism to Equal Opportunity.
  • Served 11 years with the Florida Department of Corrections to the rank of Sergeant working primarily in confinement settings or in maximum housing level dormitories.
  • Pivotal while serving as the Operations and Training NCOIC; responsible for managing large training, medical readiness, and travel budgets, drafting effective budget requests, evaluating all occupational training and ensuring that each aspect of its execution meets the standard to include planning and preparation phases.
  • Served as Medical Readiness NCOIC; ensuring that 100% of all assigned personnel within his organization met all medical, dental, and vaccination standards.
  • Served as Senior Supervisor for all Active duty staff supervising all unit functions; to include Administration, Security, Training, Logistics, and Supply.
  • Advisor to his and upper echelon Command Teams regarding Air Traffic Control readiness and training requirements.
  • One of a select few subject matter experts within his Command regarding Air Traffic Services and Air Traffic Control Standardization.
  • Single handedly coordinated support for the City of Marianna; providing all Air Traffic Operational support for the city’s Annual Armed Forces Day Fly-In and simultaneously meeting much needed training requirements.
  • Established numerous successful and impactful Agreements with organizations far outside of his organizational structure, fostering long-lasting relationships that has secured an unlimited and cost-efficient support for the unforeseeable future.


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